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Or, more accuratley, questions I have probably been asked only once in my life, so it's more a 'paq' but that doesn't sound as good.



Favorite color?

Purple, Fuschia, dark blue or turquoise. Not nessisarily together, though.

Are you religious?

I believe in *something*, but I don't follow an organised religion.


Love the comic, love the history, love the awesome, love the fandom, love the concept...yeah, I pretty much love hetalia. The fanservice and occasional fandumb irritate me, but you find that in any major fandom.

Seriously, why the obsession with faeries?

They're the only being which seems to have completley escaped the concept of 'morality'. Equally cruel and kind, free yet bound by's a contradiction, yet it makes perfect sense. I love that. Plus, they're just cool, alright?

Pansexual? Does that mean you're attracted to pans?

No. No it does not. Your question, however, made me giggle. As for the definition of pansexual, google is your friend. It basically means 'human beings'. And the ocasional esspecially attractive faerie or demon, of course. Just kidding. I think. O_o

Whats a changeling?

A faerie child left in the place of a stolen human baby.

You say 'totally awesome' a lot, ever seen a very potter musical?

Not yet, but I will some day. And I just say it because, dude, it's like a catchphrase. You don't mess with the catchphrase.

Rather obvious question, but you really like tattoos, huh?

Yup. Still totally underage, though. Someday, y'know? I already have one of mine designed. Well, half-designed. I mean, obviously I'll have to get it properly redrawn by my artist because, y'know, crappy felt-tip pen doodle, lol.

Weirdest dream you've ever had?

Okay, this could take a while.

For some reason, me and my friends were in the italian army (I think) and we were just chilling out in this coffee shop (as soldiers in italy evidentally do) when Katy told me she was dying of typhoid. Uncool.

 So me and some of my other friends set off to find this witch doctor for her (as you do) but we couldn't pay so the door disapeared, and we were running down this corridor and then we climbed down a well and all these people were getting brainwashed so I was like "We have so totes gotta get out of here" so we climbed back up the ladder and were somehow on the set of 90210.

Weirdest dream ever. No exceptions.


A brilliant awnser to many unspoken questions.

How do you feel about Pluto being deemed not a planet?

Pluto IS a planet (but not a plant)! Shun the non-believer!

To be or not to be?

That is the question, indeed.

Would you skydive?

I've wanted to since forever.

On chickens, which came first, chicken or egg?

It depends who you believe. I suspect the two aren't mutually exclusive.

Play a musical instrument?

Used to do piano and some recorder. I've always wanted to try cello or guitar, as well. I like music but I've never had the commitment to learn properly.

Coke or pepsi?

Diet coke. That stuff is like cocaine to me.

Umm, hey. Will you colour my lineart for me?

*shrug* If I have time, sure. I'm good at colouring. Drawing isn't a strong point, though, nor is remembering to do things, so any actual art trades/comissions are probably a very dumb idea on your part.

Where do you live?

Curious little pixie, aren't you? At present, I reside in Truro, capital city of cornwall.

Tea or coffee?

Tea, milk, one sugar. I don't like coffee. Hot chocolate is good though, and I'm rather fond of strawberry milkshake.

Put your music on shuffle. What are the first ten songs that play?

1. "Master and Servant" - Depeche Mode
2. "Forever" - The Birthday Massacre
3. "Fancy Blood" - Scarlet Grey
4. "Olympia" - E-Type
5. "Teenage Superstar" - Ewa Farna
6. "Radio Kaliningrad" - Handsome Furs
7. "The Simplest Thing" - Hey Rosetta
9. "Hey There Delilah" - Plain White Ts
10. "Her Name Is Alice" - Shinedown

Yeah, you can start worshiping my awesome music tasts now.

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