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Links and such things
Other awesome websites, and shameless self-promotion.

The Simplest ThingMy totally bitchin' tumblr page, of course.n(Note- still under construction.)185 Clicks
Hetalia: Expanded WorldA hetalia/nation-tans webssite created by yours trully. Currently barely existent, but it will grow.98 Clicks
My twiitterYes...I'm one of THOSE people.127 Clicks
Hetalia IndexesBecause Hetalia is awesome, and no-one likes trawling through LJ for scanlations, so thank the lovely anons for this awesome site!152 Clicks
GothicmarshmallonMy old website, until I lost the password. Past-rnSana's typos make present-Sana cringe, but you're welcome to check it out anyways, I mean, I can't force you not to click this link.108 Clicks
Tv TropesAwesome website of awesome. Based around various fandoms and things. Warning- will ruin your life and your volcabulary.90 Clicks
Rath and ruinsAhh, the rath. A forum for Melissa Marr's wicked lovely series, home of awesome people and awesomer inside jokes, and a cool place to waste hours of time. 184 Clicks
AstraliseWebsite formerly run by my friend, now run by me and some other friends since being recycled as a roleplaying board. It's...pretty odd, but incredibly awesome nonetheless.264 Clicks
My DeviantartYeah, my DA. Enjoy looking at my crappy doodles and hopefully-slightly-less-crappy writing.94 Clicks




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